by Tessy Cherono Maritim


In addition to raising consciousness and conversation about mental health, it’s equally important to access healthcare facilities for mental health treatment. Thanks to mental health advocate, Brenda Obath, we’ve compiled a short list of services that you can access if you’re in Nairobi.

If you think you need treatment or know someone who might, here are a few that you can access for mental healthcare:

  1. Chiromo Lane Medical Centre (CLMC)– CLMC is a psychiatric in-patient and outpatient hospital offering a variety of services including, but not limited to: A Mental Health Program, Detoxification, Psychotherapy, Outpatient Services, Nursing Care and Addiction Treatment. The centre is equipped with a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, hospital counselors, psychiatric nurses and pharmacists. Check out their website for their ‘Self-Assessment‘ section which helps you determine whether you need further medical attention.
  2. Woodley Clinic– Woodley Clinic, situated in Kibera Constituency, is one of the oldest clinics in Nairobi. Their approach to mental health is to take services and treatment to “the level of the individual and the family; to their homes or to the nearest point of care such as the community dispensary, health centre or outreach point“. The clinic’s work spans across different areas- early childhood development, mental health at schools, substance abuse, suicide, LGBT mental health, cost-effective biological and psychosocial interventions for mental health and genetics and genomics. Read more about their work and services here.
  3. Tumaini Counselling Centres– Tumaini Counselling Centres aim to “provide preventative and restorative mental health services and pastoral care in order to enhance missionary resilience and fruitfulness“. They offer confidential services including: evaluation and counselling, psychiatric care (including medical management), crisis debriefings and post-trauma support, marriage and family therapy, conflict resolution and online support groups. Tumaini has counselling centres in Nairobi and Kampala. Check out their philosophy and services here.

We hope this short list is a first step towards finding useful mental health services and treatment. We recognise that the list is limited to Nairobi and so will not apply to those outside the city.

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Check out the first episode of our mental health series Beyond Awareness’: Myths & Misconceptions below.


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Tessy Cherono Maritim is fiercely and fearlessly dedicated to inspiring her generation to realise their potential in life. She is the Founder of The Arena Kenya, an enterprise that through events and digital platforms, leads a movement of smart, conscious and empowered young Africans focused on maximising themselves and the communities they live in.


2 thoughts on “Where to Access Mental Health Services in Nairobi | #BeyondAwareness | The Arena Kenya

  1. What a great resource. Thanks for working to reduce stigma around mental health issues. I currently work in Hargeisa, where the issues are not nearly normalized, so resources are few and themselves stigmatized. Great post!


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