by The A-Team


At our upcoming Social Changemakers edition of MatchMentor taking place on Saturday 29th July 2017, we will be having a ‘Volunteer Village’. This ‘Village’ brings together various initiatives working towards social change to have a stall, showcase their work and give participants an opportunity to sign up to their cause.

This edition of MatchMentor brings together 20 mentors and 70 mentees involved and/or interested in: Environmental Conservation, Social Work, Gender Development, Human Rights Advocacy, Political Activism, International Sustainable Development, Civic Education, Renewable Energy, Working with Street Children and the Homeless, Community Development, Advocacy, Student Activism, Public Health and Women Empowerment.

The event will run sessions on: ‘The Future of Social Engagement’, ‘How to Mobilise People for Social Change’, ‘Financing Social Change’ and our highly rated ‘Speedmentoring’.

The Volunteer Village gives mentees attending an opportunity to hear from individuals and organisations doing groundbreaking work in Kenya to change their communities. Through this, volunteer village participants will have the benefit of registering new volunteers to your work and raising awareness about what you do.

Is your organisation interested in being a Volunteer Village participant? Email our Partnerships and Networks Coordinator: Matthew Saisi on

Only 10 spaces available.

Date: Saturday 29th July, 2017

Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Venue: Desmond Tutu Conference Centre

The A-Team is the backbone of The Arena, an organisation that creates media and events to inspire young people to make empowered decisions for themselves and the world they live in.


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