by Chris Kariuki

Songa Mbele Na Masomo-1

Wanja Kibuki of Vitabu Vyetu, one of the mentors at the Social Changemakers edition | picture courtesy of Wanja Kibuki

We are almost there- another exciting edition of The Arena Kenya’s #MatchMentor series is upon us! Following the success of previous two editions: media and journalism and creative economy, we bring you MatchMentor SocialChangemakers edition taking place on Saturday 29th July starting from 9:30 AM at Desmond Tutu Conference Centre. It will be a great opportunity for anyone interested in a career, volunteering opportunities and conversations around social change. Furthermore, get a chance to interact with other changemakers, build connections and develop long term mentorship engagements.

What is Matchmentor: Social Changemakers?

MatchMentor is part of a series of events by Arena Kenya that are aimed at connecting aspiring individuals with mentors in order to get mentorship and grow their careers. For this event, we focus on Social Changemakers. Social change entails work that aims to increase social inclusion and reduce inequalities by gathering resources, knowledge, and skills to make change happen. It could simply be a community initiative in the neighborhood to larger social enterprises, foundations, charities, associations, advocacy groups among others. We believe that providing a platform for aspiring changemakers to learn and share is instrumental in shaping careers and conversations in the industry.

MatchMentor Social Changemakers is an event that will bring together thriving professionals and aspiring ones for conversations, mentorship and skill- building sessions. We’ll provide an open platform for all round fun learning experience.

These are the main activities that will take place during the event:

  • Panel Discussions: The Future of Social Engagement and How to Finance Social Change.
  • Skills Session: Learn how to Mobilise people for Social Change
  • Speedmentoring Sessions: Here you get a one-on-one chance to talk directly and interact with mentors available at the event.
  • Volunteering Village: a set-up for anyone interested in supporting various institutions or individuals undertaking social change initiatives.

In order to maximise your experience in the event, it is always good to come prepared.

  • Learn about the mentors who will be at the event. This is necessary in order to know the specific thing you’d like to learn from them. We have published all the names in our social media pages as well as their work profile. Here they are: Aloys Lavern, Boniface Mwangi, Eric Onyango Otieno, Daisy Amdany, David Kimani, Faith Nafula, Fiona Okadia, Irungu Houghton, Kennedy Odede, Kinuthia Mwangi, Nduko O’Matigere, Njeri Kabeberi, Purity Kagwiria, Samanthah Maina, Scheaffer Okore, Sitawa Wafula, Wanja Kibuki and Wawira Njiru. You can read their profiles here.


  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses. This will enable you to ask and learn about how to maximise your strengths while working on improving your weaknesses.


  • Be clear about what you want from the mentors as well as other activities in the event. Do you have a specific question/problem that you need guidance on? Would you want to collaborate or partner with someone for a cause? Are you stuck on how to finance your social change project?


  • In the process of speed mentoring, there will be guide questions in each table to help you if you are stuck. Pick up one of the questions and ask the mentor as an ice-breaker. These will only serve as an additional tool, it’s up to you to make the most of the conversation.


  • Bring a notebook and your professional contact details.


  • Finally, there will also be a sticker board whereby you can post a need and probably someone in the audience could assist! EXCITING!!

It is an event not to be missed. Thanks to all who have already bought tickets. We can’t wait to see you on Saturday 29th July 2017. It all goes down at Desmond Tutu Conference Centre conveniently located along Waiyaki Way just opposite Safaricom HQ.  For those who have not bought tickets, this is an amazing opportunity, only limited spaces are available. Get advanced tickets at a cheaper price of only Ksh 700 instead of Ksh 1,000 at the gate.  Our Paybill number is 531300, Business Name: The Arena Kenya.

Chris Kariuki is the Strategy and Concepts Coordinator at The Arena Kenya, an organisation that through events and digital platforms, leads a movement of smart, conscious and empowered young Africans focused on themselves and the communities they live in. He is also an enthusiast of all things start-ups, technology and ideas that change the lives of people around and he hopes to contribute in building the future.


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